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Insurance for Energy Raters / Auditors and Contractors, provides an affordable and comprehensive package of errors and omissions (E&O) and general liability insurance for energy raters/auditors and contractors. Click for more information about the Energy Raters Insurance Rates and Programs.

OREP has been providing errors and omissions (E&O) insurance to real estate professionals in 49 states since 2002. OREP publishes Working RE Magazine for real estate appraisers, home inspectors, agents brokers and mortgage field professionals.

Energy Auditing: Growing Field
Demand for trained and properly insured energy raters/auditors and contractors is growing in response to ever-rising energy costs and recent tax and other incentives offered by the federal government to reduce energy use.

Auditors evaluate heating and cooling systems, windows and doors, insulation, electrical systems, lighting, heat pumps, and more. Then auditors recommend changes likely to result in more efficient use of energy. Once changes are implemented, both energy usage and associated costs are reduced.

Home Energy Raters are essential to improving energy efficiency in new and existing homes. They provide the expertise by which homeowners, builders, and others can determine a home’s energy-efficiency and the effectiveness of steps taken to improve it. Contractors are hired to implement the recommendations.

Saving money on gas and electric bills is a definite financial benefit. Energy audits also help home and business owners take advantage of federal dollars and tax credits for making energy efficiency changes to property.

Energy Ratings produced as a result of the work of energy raters, are required for homeowners/homebuyers seeking to qualify for Energy Efficient Mortgages or Energy Improvement Loans. Builders of energy-efficient homes and builders of High Performance Homes also use energy raters.
Learn more about Energy Rating: RESNET, & Energy Star

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