Home Inspector Coverage Details

Home Inspector Policy/Program Details

(Please note: Certain coverages vary by state. Please ask your OREP agent.)

• Comprehensive protection against the unique E&O exposures facing home inspectors.

• Coverage for costs associated with repairs due to the failure to identify a defect on an inspection report.

• Includes Errors and Omissions Insurance and Full General Liability.

• Coverage for Bodily Injury & Property Damage costs that result from an oversight or error of a home inspection.

• Coverage for costs associated with accidents that occur during the course of an inspection (Premises Liability).

Expanded Business Owners Protection coverage included free (BOP)

Coverages Available: Radon, Termite/WDI/WDO, Prior Acts, Lead Paint, Pool & Spa, EIFS/Stucco, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Green Building Inspections, Infrared Thermography, Rodent inspections, Mold, Septic/Water testing, and more.

• Coverage for real estate agents, brokers, mortgage lenders & relocation companies automatically named as additional Insureds for referrals.

• Coverage for commercial and industrial inspections.

• Premium Discount for Membership in Professional Associations.

• Energy Rating and Mortgage Field Service Inspections coverage available.

*Please note: Coverages vary by state.

Special Policy Features

• Policy includes coverage for all the inspectors employed by the firm and independent contractors are included free.  Independent contractors are part of the definition of “insured” with this policy.

• Policy has a broad definition of “claim” which includes any “written demand.” It does not require the demand for money for there to be a duty to defend. (If your policy defines a claim as a demand for “money,” if there is no demand for money, the carrier has no duty to defend.)

• Policy includes punitive damages.

• Policy offers up to three years Extended Reporting Period coverage (or “tail” coverage), should you decide to retire or sell/close your business.  This covers you for claims that could arise in the future after you’ve stopped inspecting.

• Policy provides for a full prorated premium, should you decide to cancel at any time during the policy term.

• Policy is non-auditable.  Premium adjustments can only be made upon renewal, and never after the policy has expired.

More Policy/Program Notes:

  • Duty to Defend and “pay on behalf of” contract

  • 1,2 & 3-year Extended Reporting Period (ERP) options available

  • Defense Outside the Limit of Liability available

  • Personal Injury Coverage Built In

  • 50% deductible reduction if the Insured agrees to use mediation and the claim is resolved by mediation

  • Coverage for suits against spouses and domestic partners of the Insureds

  • Coverage for Independent Contractors of the Insured (subject to terms in the policy form)

  • Tailored definition of Professional Services — provides individually crafted policies to accommodate all services being provided under one policy form

  • Automatic Coverage for acquired or created Subsidiaries (subject to terms and conditions of the policy)

  • Automatic 30-day post reporting period

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