New Member Experience with OREP

Here’s a new member’s experience with OREP

“Mr. Brauner, please indulge me for a few minutes because Clark earned OREP a customer today. Approximately one week ago, I submitted an E&O renewal to another company that has had my business for years. Checking on the process this past Friday, while there was a fax confirmation on my system, the representative indicated the application was not received. The renewal application was immediately faxed again and the representative said it would be processed ASAP.

In a follow up today, I was told the underwriter would have an answer at the end of the week or the first of next. When I reminded the representative of the initial fax issue and requested some consideration for being a long term customer, I was told, “to be fair, you should have sent in the renewal sooner.” By the way, this was a routine renewal, no complaints and no potential complaints.

Now we all have our days but in reviewing notes from past renewals, some submitted earlier and some near the deadline, I realized that this was not the exception to the rule. However, rather than change, sometimes a business person will accept a level of service that is below average, especially when the company is recommended by a professional appraisal organization.

I contacted an appraisal associate in Durham, NC. She is a current customer of OREP and recommended your organization and provided contact information. Before I called, I realized that she had suggested your company to me last year. Within a few minutes, I was on the phone with Clark.

The first thing I noticed was that Mr. Lampard wanted the new account. My immediate impression was his professional attitude and by God, he enjoyed his job and believed in OREP. He answered my questions and part way into the story I just related to you, Clark began to ask me about the “why” of the situation with the other company and then in an instant said, “Craig, the reason why really isn’t important, we’re going to provide you good service and take care of this situation.” He then proceeded to review the other benefits.

WOW! Clark indicated that once the application was received and seen to be acceptable, a commitment letter would be issued today. He was kind enough to look for the fax, allowed me to call to confirm its receipt and reviewed the application and payment information. True to his word, within six hours of my initial contact with OREP, the letter arrived via email.

Mr. Brauner, you seem to have a good team in place. Further evidence of this was in calling to verify the fax, Maria answered. Another person who’s professional attitude and commitment to customer service received an “A” today.

While my voice may not skyrocket your account base, promotion of OREP to my peers will be easy and will be a pleasure.

Please extend my thanks and my appreciation to Clark and Maria.” – Cordially, J. Craig Wolff, SRA


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