OREP Insureds Qualify for $1,500 Deductible Forgiveness

OREP has partnered with the Inspector Services Group (ISG) to offer insureds deductible forgiveness on their E&O policy – a cash credit up to $1,500 provided by ISG directly to the insured. Inspector Services Group (ISG) is a leading provider of inspection warranties and recall checks. To qualify for deductible forgiveness, an inspection transaction needs to include two products – a RecallCheck and a 90 Day Warranty, both of which must be submitted to ISG. Under this special program, RecallCheck and the 90 Day Warranty are available to OREP inspectors at little or no cost. (Please note: policy language still requires OREP insureds to submit to OREP any knowledge of potential claims or incidences when they occur. Please call OREP if clarification is needed.)


OREP inspectors benefit in several ways. First, these products are a valuable additional service for clients that helps set OREP inspectors apart from the competition. Second, if there is a claim on a covered inspection, as described above, ISG will save inspectors money through the deductible forgiveness program up to $1,500 (within one year of the inspection date).


Inspectors must have an active OREP E&O policy in place at the time of the claim and be a client of ISG. Third, according to OREP Senior Broker David Brauner, the program takes the hassle off of an inspector’s plate. “Under this program many of the nuisance claims that inspectors face now will be handled professionally by the experts at ISG, under the warranty program, and not have to be dealt with by the inspector. This saves inspectors a possible deductible expense, a ding on their claims history and, in many cases, a great deal of aggravation from dealing with an issue that is more properly covered under a home warranty, rather than an E&O policy,” Brauner said. “It also gives OREP insureds a leg up because they are providing two valuable services to their clients at little or no expense, in most cases. And if it can’t be handled by the warranty and turns out to be a legitimate E&O claim, deductible forgiveness kicks in up to $1,500,” Brauner said. OREP members can get all the details at InspectorServicesGroup.com or email Nathan for additional member savings. You may call Nathan, Mike Doerr, Tim Clark, Brandon Wells, or any of the ISG team at (800) 544-8156.