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Published by OREP, E&O Insurance Experts | June 12, 2014

The latest tips, news, and more from a la mode's appraisal blog

Coming soon to Denver:  The Modern Appraiser Roadshow

Our newest workshop is hitting the road this August.  The three-day series will cover 1004MC, worksheets, ways to speed up formfilling, and more.  Plus, we're applying for Continuing Education credit for each session and giving you the option to pick which days you want to attend.  Read more

See why appraisers are switching to TOTAL. Click here to see how you can switch for free.

New sketch and photo features coming to TOTAL for Mobile

The next update coming to TOTAL for Mobile includes a new sketching layout for "phablets", a grid view of all photos in the report, new forms, and improved sketching options.  Read more


"This saves me an hour or more on each report I do."

We recently received some great stories from our customers about why they love our products and how they're saving time working with them.  Read more


TOTAL Store coming to WinTOTAL Aurora

In a few weeks, TOTAL Store will be available to both TOTAL and WinTOTAL Aurora.  If you haven't checked out the TOTAL Store yet, you're missing out on the opportunity to customize your workflow.  With a vast array of third-party apps for regression, mobile data gathering, sketchers, and more, the TOTAL Store is the one-stop shop for your appraisal business.  Read more


Print this post now (you'll thank yourself later)

Nothing is quite as frustrating as fighting with a slow or dead Internet connection, especially when you're working against a deadline.  Before calling your service provider's support line, try these quick tips to get back up and running.  Read more


TOTAL keeps overflow addenda organized

We've often heard appraisers say they wished that the data overflowing into the addenda would stay in the same order as the major form, rather than the order of fields they filled out.  This issue is solved by a default in TOTAL.  Read more


"a la mode has the best technical support of any other software provider in any field."

“a la mode has been a pioneer in innovation in keeping appraisers up-to-date with technological advancements; not only with advancement to the product itself, but also in education about other technological advancements that can help us as appraisers.
Additionally, a la mode has the best technical support of any other software provider in any field with whom I have ever dealt.  Everyone I have ever talked to at a la mode has been friendly, professional, and technically competent to help me with whatever problem I was having, and they have always given the impression that they sincerely wanted to help me."
— Chris A. Graham, Chris Graham Appraisals



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Upcoming live seminars

Jackson Mobile One-Day Workshop — Jun 13  RSVP

Baton Rouge Mobile One-Day Workshop — Jun 14  RSVP


Upcoming webinars

Switching from ClickFORMS™ to
TOTAL — 11AM CT, June 18  RSVP

Switching from ACI to TOTAL —
1PM CT, June 18  RSVP

Elite only!  Solving measuring problems with a laser 11AM CT, June 20  RSVP

Elite only!  Paperless office techniques 1PM, June 20  RSVP



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