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Published by OREP, E&O Insurance Experts | June 24, 2014




Be honest. You've had it 'up to here' with Appraisal Management Companies...

Dictating your income, gouging you for reduced fees, taking shark bites out of your paycheck and pitting you against your fellow appraisers in a no-win battle of 'lowest bid gets the job.'

Would you like to change both your business and your life around...and I mean NOW?

Then go here:

The Appraiser Insider


If you want to continue the race-to-the-bottom death spiral of being at the mercy of AMC’s as well as an industry that practically ties a noose around your neck, then continue doing what you're doing.  

But if you want to grow and scale your business and design your life the way YOU want to...  

Where cherry picking your assignments and getting paid handsomely EVERY TIME is the norm...  

Then get on this absolutely FREE live training where you'll discover how to...
-Build a highly lucrative NON-LENDER appraisal business
-Put your appraisal business on virtual auto-pilot
-Automate and create systems to make your life easier
-Magnetize clients TO YOU...instead of you chasing the work
-Dominate your local marketplace in just a matter of months
-Build a long-term, sustainable, bubble-proof appraisal business
-Transform your business with video, speaking, your website and more
-Free yourself from the appraiser rat race and Live Life by YOUR Design!
-And tons more including showing you Firsthand Proven Results from a Live Case Study!  

Register now for one of my two upcoming live trainings on Tues, July 1st.  

The Appraiser Insider

As an appraiser who's been where you are right now, I know exactly how you feel and what you're going through. And it isn’t fun, is it?  

So it's real simple. Take 60 minutes and join me on this training where you'll get all the insights and exactly what to do to change the way YOU do business. I’m not teaching theory here and in fact I’m certain I’m the only appraiser in the country who can back up what they teach about Non-Lender work with firsthand proof, a live Case Study, live examples, and a boat load of testimonials!  

It's time to STOP being a slave to AMCs, the industry, and every roll of the economy or any other market fluctuation...and START on a brand new and exciting path to enjoying what you do and the value you provide to your clients.  

The Appraiser Insider

PS: Fair warning. This training will 'fill up fast' as over 1000 appraisers on average register for my trainings when they become available. This is not a scarcity play.

About Roy Meyer
Roy Meyer is a certified appraiser with 24+ years in the industry, noted educator, marketing and outsource guru, author, national real estate investor, and he also speaks internationally on cutting edge "what's working now" marketing and business building strategies. He's also the owner of a busy 'Non-Lender' appraisal practice and is passionate about showing appraisers how to think differently and Live Life by Their Design! 



Hey Roy,

I wanted to thank you for your hard work. I understand that this is a business for you, but your heart for people really shows. You go above and beyond and your stewardship of your gifts are changing people's businesses, and as a result, their lives.

Jeff Hamric

I met Roy in October 2013. It didn't take long to see the knowledge and kindness that makes up this man. He is a professional, but in addition his heart is in the right place. He truly wants those that are around him and part of his training group to succeed. After over 40 years in business, 13 of which were in corporate life, I can safely say that Roy is one of the few businessmen that I have met that has the right perspective on business and life.

If you have an opportunity to participate in his webinar or hear him speak, I suggest you take some time to become active and learn his business model. As in life we may not agree with all that we learn or hear, but I can guarantee that when you finish with his trainings and programs, you will have learned valuable information that will make your time well spent and your business grow.


Brad Bassi

Roy, I want to thank you so much for the time you took to speak with me and the opportunities we discussed. I really can’t express how much it meant to me as I have been running on a treadmill for so many months now. I think your free webinars are very insightful and helpful in themselves and I continue to enjoy listening to them as they are very motivating.

My sincere appreciation, 

Kay Poland

Get off the AMC Roller Coaster - Get More Non-Lender Appraisals.

The best webinar I’ve seen! I want to do all of this

Murray Berg

Roy has exceeded my expectations by a mile. What I didn’t expect was the amount of information Roy would be sharing with the group on what it takes to market a successful appraisal business. The amount of information regarding marketing alone was worth the investment I made in him and his program. I highly recommend Roy and his trainings for any appraisal business looking to gain a significant edge on the competition.

Paul Rowe


Roy – Thanks so much for the “boost” on the email blast and blog list! Today was my first official Realtor Presentation! Home Run! I was supposed to be given only 15 minutes officially. The managing broker told me (on camera) “... They usually bolt for the door after 15 minutes... But you had ‘em asking questions for 45 minutes... that never happens! You have to come back next month!“

(The “Roy touch” is working...”) Grateful and smiling from ear to ear.

Bruce Ford

Roy, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much you inspired me to stay with the business. I was almost ready to give up on the appraisal business after being in it for 18 years, and you open my eyes to a lot of new things in the business and motivated me again.

George S.

Hi Roy,

You are awesome and I think your program is outstanding!

Steve Collins







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