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Published by OREP, E&O Insurance Experts | July 9, 2014





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A few recent hot topics

Biz tips and AMCs
- VA wants fee appraisers! VA lending is increasing
- Customary but NOT reasonable fees
- Square footage and AMCs - public records vs. appraiser measurements

Humor and strange properties
- Very funny appraiser video!!
- Appraisers Paradise - music parody
- The 10 Most Dangerous Suburbs and Cities in America
- What's Inside This House On Wade Avenue? Video (in Raleigh, NC) Very strange!!

- The First Appraisal – about 3,200 years ago
- Former appraiser gets first pot license in WA
- Massive appraisal fraud in Washington State – appraiser identity stolen by trainee
- Fannie, FHA and Free FHA classes
- USPAP Q&As and changes

Sample recent email newsletters
NEWZ/// AMCs and Sq.ft./The First Appraisal/Disaster "heat map"
NEWZ/// VA wants fee appraisers/Quirkiest landmarks/AMC names
NEWZ:///FHA suspending appraisers/"Spite" houses/GLA and AMC boilerplate

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Written by Ann O’Rourke, a practicing appraiser since 1975. She does both residential and commercial appraisals and has the MAI and SRA designations from the Appraisal Institute. Ann also has an MBA, which helps her understand and explain business issues for appraisers.

Where does Ann get the info? She keeps up on current topics in appraising and likes to tell other appraisers about them. She uses appraiser email chat groups, blogs, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, forums emails from appraisers, and many other sources. Ann also has many appraisal industry contacts who tell her the “real story” about hot issues. She keeps her readers informed in the ever changing wold of appraising!

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