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Published by OREP, E&O Insurance Experts | July 14, 2014

BIG DATA comes to ClickFORMS

Stop Reviewer Requests for
Comp Reconsideration
Bradford Technologies, the leader in computer-aided appraising technology is bringing BIG DATA technology to ClickFORMS.
Appraisers are being reviewed and scored by systems that analyze massive amounts of property data. Single and small shop independent fee appraisers are at an unfair disadvantage. You simply don't have the resources to analyze the hundreds of sales and listings in the market to definitively demonstrate that you've selected the best comps. Consequently, you're are often asked to reconsider your comp selection and site influences.
Bradford Technologies is leveling the playing field for you by bringing BIG DATA technology to ClickFORMS. With ClickFORMS’ new BIG DATA technology, you'll be able to perform unprecedented analysis that considers all the sales and listings in the market. You'll be able to show beyond question why the comps you selected are the best comparables.
Using ClickFORMS, you'll be able to apply the same technology that reviewers use and stop the requests for comp reconsiderations and questions on site influences. This new technology will reduce your turn times and improve the overall efficiency of your appraisal process.
With ClickFORMS BIG DATA technology similar to the dashboard shown below, you’ll find revolutionary new productivity tools to gather, analyze, rank, store and share comparable analysis data.
ClickFORMS Comparables Map
Accessing market data is the key to leveling the playing field with reviewers. Appraisers using ClickFORMS will have this advantage.
Today it's easier than ever to make the switch to ClickFORMS with prices starting as low as $349. Check out our new memberships.

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