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       September 2014

Health Insurance Note for OREP Members
The health insurance broker for OREP, Dan Cross, asked me to pass along this note to members. Cross says the new Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) is providing some unexpected savings for many appraisers, inspectors and other real estate professionals he’s helped.

“It is very worthwhile for OREP members living in California to check in with us because determining the new premium levels that a person has to pay is based on the adjusted gross income figure,” Cross said, “so self-employed people are very often rewarded with very good deals.”

Cross says that OREP members/Affiliates in California can do the research and sign up themselves but they pay no extra for his services. If you live outside of California, Cross suggests you explore your possible savings with a licensed health agent in your area or at your state’s insurance exchange. Here’s why.

During the last open enrollment Cross said he helped over 100 members move to one of these new plans at big savings. “For example, we had an appraiser in the San Francisco area who has had a couple of years of reduced net earnings. His premium for him and wife is $892 and his tax credit is $890, so his net premium is $2 per month,” Cross said.

Cross said this is an extreme example but he cites another appraiser in San Diego (single), whose premium is $451 and who received a tax credit of $153, so her net premium per month is $298. According to Cross, the tax credit is determined by the number of people in the household who are on the person’s tax return and then their adjusted gross income, Line 37 on their federal return.

Open enrollment for these Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) plans begins again on November 15th.

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