Expert Inspection Contracts

Inspection Contracts Written to Home Inspection Standards
Applicable to Your State

Nationally recognized home inspector attorney Joe Denneler provides inspection contracts written to the home inspection standards applicable to your state.

A well-written and legally sound inspection agreement is the number one risk management tool any home inspector has to avoid and minimize claims.  There are many factors to consider, including state and local regulations, association standards and consumer protection laws.  If you’re using a generic agreement, or one patched together over many years, it may have elements that don’t include or conflict with superseding state and local requirements.

Matching your inspection agreement to the laws specific to your state is critical to prevent misunderstanding and confusion as to your responsibilities to your client. When you are defending against a claim, ambiguity and conflict are not good in the one document that can be your best defense.

These agreements are written based on existing state home inspector standards of practice and regulations where applicable.  In non-regulated states, they are written to conform to the standards of practice used by the inspector.

Along with home inspection contracts, we have agreements for ancillary services such as mold sampling, EIFS/Stucco inspections, commercial inspections, and more.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Make yours count.  OREP members enjoy 25% off these services. If you’re an OREP member, contact for discount code.

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