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Mortgage Broker Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

OREP offers a complete package of E&O for Mortgage Brokers. Enjoy Broad Coverage/Competitive Rates on E&O and GL Insurance from OREP.

Experience: Over 19+ Years Serving Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals

Coverage: Coverage Package Tailored Specifically for Mortgage Brokers

Support: Claims Prevention and Risk Management

Fast Services: 24 Hour Turn-Around Time on Certificates

Competitive Rates: Shop OREP and compare value!


20 Years
Over 100,000 Policies Issued

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Program Highlights

Mortgage Broker E&O Insurance Program Highlights

(Specific coverage details vary by program, please ask your OREP agent.)


  • Personal Injury coverage
  • Disciplinary proceeding Defense Costs limit of $10,000 per policy period
  • Defense afforded for groundless, false or fraudulent allegations
  • Definition of a Claim includes arbitration proceedings
  • Automatic Independent Contractor coverage for professional services while acting on the Insured’s behalf
  • Free 60-day discovery clause
  • Loss assistance hotline - two (2) free hours of legal consultation
  • Prior Acts coverage is available for qualified applicants
  • Key coverage extensions available such as Intellectual
  • Property, Network Security, Privacy Liability, and Cyber
  • Financing Available, Low Monthly Payments


“Maria you guys are GREAT, so fast, so easy, so supportive…my first year I was with another outfit and my experience with you has been the exact opposite of what it was with them…Thank you so much.” William Bentley, Bentley Property Inspections 

Experience: OREP is a leading provider of professional liability (E&O) insurance for real estate and mortgage professionals, serving these professions for over 19 years. OREP also publishes Working RE magazine, the most widely read publication for real estate appraisers and home inspectors nationwide.

Coverage: OREP knows the coverages you need and provides comprehensive coverage and very competitive rates. This gives you the protection you need for your business, while saving you money at the same time.

Fast, Courteous Service: Apply online and receive a formal quote within 2-3 business days. Insureds also enjoy 24 Hour Turn-Around Time on Certificates, during business hours.

Support: OREP provides unrivaled professional support, including free Claims Prevention and Risk Management information and training. Also enjoy our Corporate Savings Program with discounts on office supplies, cell phone plans and more! Coverage, information, support and savings with OREP.  

Member Benefits

Guaranteed Delivery of Working RE Home Inspector Magazine ($50 value)

OREP insureds receive a free subscription to Working RE Magazine, the largest circulation print magazine for home inspectors in the country, including over 250 premium content articles ($50 value). 

“Working RE is one of the best sources of contemporary information available to appraisers. I look forward to receiving it and digest it from cover to cover. Most appraisers feel as I do, that your work does us a great service and is sincerely appreciated.” —Paul J. Carist, SRA

Claims Prevention and Risk Management Information

OREP provides its insureds with free claims prevention and risk management information and advice, including free training webinars and risk management articles.

“I collected many estimates but the combination of value, flexibility and knowledge was unsurpassed by OREP.” —Henry Toman, 1st American Home Inspections, LLC

Corporate Savings (Save Over $500 Every Year)

Lower Prices from your Favorite Suppliers. Click here for a recent cost comparison of typical office supplies and the savings you can enjoy through this free. program. Save hundreds a year on office expenses with this free benefit Click for details.

“YES! We are saving 19% on our Verizon bill and I order all of our office supplies through the discounted Staples portal—they provide overnight, FREE shipping, even on Sunday orders! Lastly, we are considering the Six Flags discount. So, yes, yes, and yes. We are taking advantage and truly enjoying your program. Great job!” —Cynthia T.


“Maria you guys are GREAT, so fast, so easy, so supportive…my first year I was with another outfit and my experience with you has been the exact opposite of what it was with them…Thank you so much.” —William Bentley, Bentley Property Inspections
“I switched my E&O insurance to OREP last month and saved $349 bucks.” —Dave M.
“With all that you offer, it was a no-brainer to sign up.” —Jim Nishimura
“I am so pleased with your service and thoroughness. Thank you very much for being so responsible with our money and our E&O insurance. Although I have never had a claim, my confidence level in this process has increased. It is no surprise that several appraisers recommended your company to me.” —Lore D.
“I continue to renew with your company because of the exceptional service you provide. Every time I call my questions and needs get taken care of.” —Mariah M.
“Thank you for the webinars. I am learning so much that is helping me improve in my appraisal practice and increase the quality of my reports and workfile, thus reducing my exposure to lawsuits. The webinars and education are a great complement to your insurance business. I was an OREP customer in the past and because of the benefits I will be back at renewal time. I don’t know why I ever switched. Thanks for what you do.” —Bruce K.
“Thank you for your speedy responses, I have the best insurance agent in the world. I wish all of the places I do business with had employees like you. Would you call AT&T and train them on how to take care of customers? If they could just do half the job you do I would be more thank satisfied. THANK YOU MARIA!!!" —J. Roser

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