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Being Prepared for Reinspections


It’s a common occurrence for a home inspector to be asked out to “Reinspect” a particular home system, or even entire sections of a home (attic, bedroom, closet, crawlspace).
There are two questions that home inspectors face in this scenario:
• Is the reinspection still covered by your initial Pre-inspection agreement?
• Can you charge an additional fee?
Both of these items are best handled by the home inspector in their Pre-inspection Agreement with their client before a reinspection request is ever received. (Be sure to have the client sign your Agreement prior to your initial inspection!)
For example, here are two clauses that OREP recommends you include in your Pre-Inspection Agreement:
1. If a reinspection is requested, any re-inspection is subject to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
2. If a reinspection is requested, the additional fee for the reinspection will be $_(Fill in Dollar Amount). Buyer and Buyer’s agent should request that the seller have all areas of the property accessible and free of debris.
Some home inspectors may do a reinspection for free as a way to build trust and goodwill with their clients (or real estate agents), while others charge a fee because a reinspection takes time out of their day when they could be performing full, paid inspections.
Whether you decide you want to charge an additional fee for the reinspection is up to you, but setting expectations upfront creates clear communication between you, your client, and the real estate agents involved.
OREP strongly recommends including both of these clauses in your Pre-Inspection Agreement today.
Serving home inspectors for over 20 years, OREP offers same-day E&O and General Liability quotes (in one package policy) for most home inspectors and it takes less than 5 minutes to fill out our online application.
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