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Private Investigator Insurance

Private Investigator Liability Insurance

OREP is a leading provider of Private Investigator Liability Insurance. Private Investigators enjoy Broad Coverage and Competitive Rates.

Experience: Over 20+ Years serving small business professionals

Coverage: Designed Specifically for Private Investigators

Support: Free 8 hours of Approved Continuing Education for OREP Members, Delivery of Working PI magazine, corporate savings program, and more! (See below)

Risk Management: Free Risk Management and Pre-Claims Assistance.

Service: Fully Staffed, Fully Automated: Apply Online in Minutes or call for live help- we answer the phone!

Do you also Protect Property or provide Security Guard Services? Click Here for a PI + Security Combo Policy.

10,000 Business Professionals Trust OREP
800+ 5-Star Reviews
20 Years Serving Business Professionals
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Coverage Highlights

E&O and General Liability Coverage

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OREP's primary policy includes E&O and General Liability coverage in a single policy--ensuring that you have coverage for any professional mistakes you make in your capacity as a private investigator, as well as protecting you for bodily injury and property damage claims (GL).


Personal Injury

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OREP's primary policy includes Personal and Advertising Injury, which includes coverage for: 

  • Privacy violations (oral or written)
  • Slander and libel
  • False arrest
  • And more!

Up to
Coverage Limits

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OREP's primary program offers limits up to $5,000,000 Per Claim and $5,000,000 Aggregate. Even higher limits are available for specialized firms.  

Up to $50,000
Board Complaint

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OREP's primary policy offers up to $50,000 Regulatory Defense coverage so if you ever face a state board complaint--you don't have to go it alone. 


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OREP Member Benefits

Working PI Magazine

OREP Members enjoy guaranteed delivery of award-winning Working PI magazine ---the most widely read publication for private investigators nationwide. While many private investigators receive the magazine as a promotional item at least once a year, OREP Members receive guaranteed delivery of every issue!

8 Hours Investigator CE

OREP Members enjoy "Surveillance Strategies for Success," an online course approved for 8 hours of Continuing Education---at no extra charge (6 hours in NC).

Step up your surveillance game and learn proven techniques and tricks of the trade that will make you a better PI.

Risk Management

OREP provides regular newsletters and online training webinars to its Members---keeping you up to date on the latest liability issues and giving you timely advice on how to stay out of trouble. 

Professional Support

OREP serves over 10,000 professionals across the United States and brings over 20 years of experience providing pre-claims assistance, risk management information, and online training to help savvy professionals avoid claims and protect their businesses when trouble knocks.

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Learn More about OREP's Coverage, Experience and Benefits

Private Investigator Insurance Program Highlights

(Specific coverage details vary by program, please ask your OREP agent.)

  • General Liability Coverage--Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • Errors & Omissions (Professional Liability)
  • Care, Custody & Control
  • Assault & Battery
  • Electronic Data Liability
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Libel & Slander
  • Personal Injury
  • Contractual Coverage
  • Incidental Medical Malpractice
  • Free Pre-Claims Assistance

SPECIAL in 2023: OREP Members Enjoy 8 hours of Continuing Education for Private Investigators (6 hours in NC) at no extra charge

Do you also Protect Property or provide Security Guard Services?
Click Here for a PI + Security Combo Policy.


Experience: OREP knows professional  insurance! Today over 10,000 savvy professionals trust OREP with their insurance needs. OREP has specialized in serving small business professionals for over 20 years and issued over 120,000 policies since our founding in 2002.

Coverage and Rates: OREP offers Broad E&O Insurance coverage designed specifically for Individual Private Investigators and Private Investigation Firms, including coverage for Firearms, Assault and Battery, Libel & Slander, Personal Injury, and much more.  See Coverage Highlights for more coverage details including free risk management and pre-claims assistance.

Fast, Courteous Service: Fully Staffed and Fully Automated: Apply online in minutes or call for live help--we answer the phone! We’re fully staffed and here to help.

Support and Risk Management: OREP provides unrivaled professional support, including 8 hours of Continuing Education (CE) for private investigators (6 hours in NC), free Pre-Claims Assistance, guaranteed delivery of Working PI magazine, a Corporate Savings program with discounts on office supplies, cell phone bills, and much, much more! See Business Support tab for details.

SPECIAL in 2023: OREP Members Enjoy 8 hours of Continuing Education for Private Investigators (6 hours in NC) at no extra charge.

Business Support

Guaranteed Delivery of Working PI Magazine 

OREP Members receive a free subscription to Working PI Magazine, the largest circulation print magazine for private investigators in the country.

“I save your magazines and reference them when issues arise within the industry or my business. I find your publication to be very informative and worthy of archiving for future referencing.”  —Edward R.

FREE and Discounted Private Investigator CE

Appraisers insured through OREP enjoy 8 hours of Continuing Education for Private Investigators ($130+ value), as well as discounts on other coursework through PI Education. Email subscription@workingpimag.com for your discount code.

  • Surveillance Strategies for Success, taught by Hal Humphreys -- 8 Hours of CE (6 hours in NC)

Corporate Savings (Save Over $500 Every Year)

Lower Prices from your Favorite Suppliers. Click here for a recent cost comparison of typical office supplies and the savings you can enjoy through this free program. Save hundreds a year on office expenses with this free benefit  Click for details.

“YES! We are saving 19% on our Verizon bill and I order all of our office supplies through the discounted Staples portal—they provide overnight, FREE shipping, even on Sunday orders! Lastly, we are considering the Six Flags discount. So, yes, yes, and yes. We are taking advantage and truly enjoying your program. Great job!” —Cynthia T.


“I switched my E&O insurance to OREP last month and saved $349 bucks.” —Dave M.

“With all that you offer, it was a no-brainer to sign up.” —Jim Nishimura

“I am so pleased with your service and thoroughness. Thank you very much for being so responsible with our money and our E&O insurance. Although I have never had a claim, my confidence level in this process has increased. It is no surprise that several appraisers recommended your company to me.” —Lore D.

“I continue to renew with your company because of the exceptional service you provide. Every time I call my questions and needs get taken care of.” —Mariah M.

“Thank you for the webinars. I am learning so much that is helping me improve in my appraisal practice and increase the quality of my reports and workfile, thus reducing my exposure to lawsuits. The webinars and education are a great complement to your insurance business. I was an OREP customer in the past and because of the benefits I will be back at renewal time. I don’t know why I ever switched. Thanks for what you do.” —Bruce K.

“I had an FHA complaint and lost. It costs me 9 months of FHA work. If I had the knowledge I do after listening to your webinar, I would have been MUCH better prepared and probably would have won. Thanks for your help!” —Michael B.

“Thank you for your speedy responses, I have the best insurance agent in the world. I wish all of the places I do business with had employees like you. Would you call AT&T and train them on how to take care of customers? If they could just do half the job you do I would be more thank satisfied. THANK YOU MARIA!!!" —J. Roser

“In my 13 years as an appraiser, I have never had a more simple, straight forward and painless experience renewing my errors and omissions insurance. I am just blown away by the way your company does business. What a relief, what a time saver, what a money saver. Thank you.” —M.L. Heckaman

“The main reason I stick with OREP and David Brauner is because you folks know what you are doing. The fact that your service is so good and prompt is just another plus for your company.” —Joe de Garay, de Garay Valuation, LLC