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Thank you for your business! Please submit your payment for OREP’s $60 RPG Fee below. OREP Risk Purchasing Group Fee: $60
Please Note: Submission of payment does not constitute coverage. All subjectivities must be met before coverage can be bound. Only receipt of policy documents serves as confirmation of coverage. Please call OREP with any questions.
*Risk Purchasing Group Notice: By applying for insurance through OREP, the applicant is also applying for membership in the OREP Risk Purchasing Group, Inc. (“OREP RPG”). OREP RPG is an unincorporated association that operates as a ‘risk purchasing group’ as defined in the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act (15 U.S.C. §3901 et. seq.). If liability insurance coverage is placed on behalf of the applicant through OREP RPG, such coverage will be in accordance with the OREP RPG insurance program requirements, including payment when due of all insurance premiums as well as any OREP RPG membership fees.
  OREP RPG Member Benefits

OREP provides appraisers more than just insurance. All appraisers who purchase their insurance from OREP enjoy incredibly valuable benefits designed to help you grow your business, limit your liability, and be a better appraiser.

Free Training Classes (Over $200 Value) OREP offers a number of valuable training courses for appraiser insureds, designed to help you improve your skills, limit your liability, and protect and grow your business. OREP insureds enjoy the following courses FREE:
“Thank you for the training webinars. I am learning so much that is helping me improve in my appraisal practice and increase the quality of my work, thus reducing my exposure to lawsuits. The education is a great complement to your insurance business. I will be back at renewal time!” —Bruce K.  
  Discounts on Approved CE (Save Over $100 Every Year) Appraisers insured through OREP enjoy discounts on their approved continuing education through the OREP Education Network as well as McKissock. Save hundreds of dollars at the OREP Education Network when you take new, high-quality CE classes showing you the latest information and advice from industry experts. Save $20-$30 per CE course and more when you bundle. Don’t miss these great classes, including:
“I have been waiting 15 years for a class like this. Thanks again for a very informative class.” —Scott G.  
  Guaranteed Delivery of Working RE Magazine ($50 value) OREP insureds receive a free subscription to Working RE Magazine, including the print magazine and over 250 premium content articles unlocked for members ($50 value).
“Working RE is one of the best sources of contemporary information available to appraisers. I look forward to receiving it and digest it from cover to cover. Most appraisers feel as I do, that your work does us a great service and is sincerely appreciated.” —Paul J. Carist, SRA  
  Free State Board Complaint Consulting (Over $100 Value) Defending yourself against state board complaints has never been more vital to the success of your business. OREP Insureds enjoy a free half hour consultation with Bob Keith, MNAA, IFA, Former Director for the Oregon Appraisal Board, and 25% off any consulting services if needed. Head off trouble before it starts.
“I spoke at length this afternoon with Bob Keith. We discussed the complaint, the items in my workfile, and the appropriate response. I feel much more confident now. This is a tremendous benefit as an OREP insured. Thank you for your direction and guidance.” —James S.  
  Corporate Savings (Save Over $500 Every Year) Lower Prices from your Favorite Suppliers. Click here for a recent cost comparison of typical office supplies and the savings you can enjoy through this free. program. Save hundreds a year on office expenses with this free benefitClick for details.
“YES! We are saving 19% on our Verizon bill and I order all of our office supplies through the discounted Staples portal—they provide overnight, FREE shipping, even on Sunday orders! Lastly, we are considering the Six Flags discount. So, yes, yes, and yes. We are taking advantage and truly enjoying your program. Great job!” —Cynthia T.  
  Additional Savings
“This is why I continue to use and spread the word about your insurance. You have helped keep me in business for years!” —Danielle Evans  
    OREP 888-347-5273 info@orep.org 6353 El Cajon Blvd, Suite 124-605 San Diego, CA 92115