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Real Estate Appraiser Insured

Appraiser Insurance

OREP is a leading provider of Real Estate Appraiser’s E&O, (Errors & Omissions) Insurance. Appraisers enjoy Broad Insurance Coverage and Competitive Rates with same-day coverage (in most cases).

Experience: 20+ Years Providing Real Estate Appraiser Insurance.

Coverage and Rates: “A” Rated Carrier, Minimum Premium: $401, Coverage Tailored Specifically for Real Estate Appraisers.

Support: OREP Members Enjoy (at no extra cost): 14 Hours of Appraiser CE, Professional State Board Complaint Consulting, and much more (see below).

Risk Management: Free Risk Management and Pre-Claims Assistance, including a Free 1-Hour Consultation with Trial Attorney Craig Capilla when facing a complaint from their State Board, HUD, or CFPB

10,000 Appraisers Trust OREP
600+ 5-Star Reviews
20 Years Serving Appraisers
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Coverage Highlights

$100,000 Discrimination
Claim Coverage

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Just like fraud, discrimination is excluded by most insurance carriers.   OREP's primary appraiser E&O insurance policy includes $100,000 of Discrimination Claim Coverage for no additional premium. (Ask your OREP Agent for details.)

Includes Broad
Coverage for

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OREP's Program provide BROAD coverage for Professional Appraisal Services. This means unless a service is specifically excluded in the policy, you are covered broadly for services you provide in your capacity as a licensed/Certified real estate appraiser, including commercial appraisals, right-of-way appraisals, desktop appraisals, hybrid appraisals, and more! (Ask your OREP Agent for details.)

Includes $100,000 Premises
(Bodily Injury & Property
Damage) Coverage

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Bodily Injury & Property Damage Coverage (BIPD) protects appraisers for what E&O coverage does not: accidental damage to property or bodily injury (BIPD) you may cause while at an appraisal inspection. Examples include stepping in wet cement, flushing a toilet and it overflows, or knocking over an expensive vase. BIPD coverage is not included with traditional E&O policies, but is now included free with OREP's primary program. (Ask your OREP Agent for details on  .)

Includes $10,000
State Board
Complaint Coverage

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OREP's Individual Appraiser policy includes $10,000 of Disciplinary Proceeding coverage. OREP Members also enjoy a free consultation with Bob Keith, former Executive Director of the OR Appraisal Board. (Ask your OREP Agent for details.)

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OREP Member Benefits

Working RE Magazine

OREP Members enjoy guaranteed delivery of award-winning Working RE magazine ($60 value)--the most widely read publication for real estate appraisers nationwide. While many appraisers receive the magazine as a promotional item at least once a year, the only way to receive guaranteed delivery of every issue is to purchase a subscription or become an OREP Member!

14 Hours Appraiser CE

OREP Members enjoy 14 hours of approved Appraiser CE (continuing education) at no additional charge! ($250+ value) 

Pick Two Courses from the Titles below: 

  • Raise Appraisal Quality & Minimize Risk (7 Hrs)
  • FHA Appraisal Standards (7 Hrs)
  • Non-Lending Appraisal Assignments (7 Hrs) 

(CE not approved in IL, MN, or GA.) 

State Board Complaint Consulting

Insulating yourself against state board complaints has never been more vital to the success of your business. OREP Insurance Clients enjoy a free half hour consultation with Bob Keith, Former Director for the Oregon Appraisal Board, and 25% off any consulting services if needed.  OREP Members also enjoy a free webinar, Fighting Appraisal Board Complaints: An Expert’s Advice, presented by Keith.

Expert Risk Management

OREP serves over 10,000 real estate appraisers across the United States and brings over 20 years of experience providing pre-claims assistance, risk management information, and online training to help appraisers avoid claims and protect their businesses when trouble knocks.

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Real Estate Appraiser E&O Insurance Program Highlights

(Specific coverage details vary by program, please ask your OREP agent.)

  • Minimum Premium: $401, including Prior Acts coverage with proof of continuous insurance
  • “A” Rated Carrier
  • Zero Deductible
  • Free Bodily Injury/Property Damage (BIPD) Coverage for the Subject Inspection
  • Coverage for Residential, Commercial & Trainee Appraisers (in all states)
  • Coverage Included for Measurement, Review & Hybrid Appraisals
  • Free Pre-Claims Assistance
  • $10,000 Disciplinary Proceedings Coverage
  • $25,000 Subpoena Assistance
  • Loss of Earning: $500 a day, $10,000 maximum
  • Free Extended Reporting Period Options available for Retirees, Disability or Death
  • Group Coverage for Two or More Appraisers
  • Combination Policy Covering Appraising and Sales
  • AMC Extension Coverage
  • Trainee Add On Coverage
  • General Liability / Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) available.
  • And much, much more!

SPECIAL in 2023: OREP Insureds | Members Enjoy 14 hours of FREE CE ($238 Value: Approved Continuing Education for Appraisers in 46 states).


Experience: OREP is a leading provider of Real Estate Appraiser E&O insurance nationwide, serving Real Estate Appraisers for over 20 years with over 100,000 policies issued.

Coverage and Rates: OREP offers Broad E&O Insurance coverage designed specifically for Individual Real Estate Appraisers or Appraisal Firms, including coverage for State Board Complaints, Residential/Commercial, Right of Way, hybrids and more. Coverage for AMCs and Trainees can be added with a click. See Coverage Highlights for more coverage details including free risk management and pre-claims assistance.

Fast, Courteous Service: Fully Staffed and Fully Automated: Apply online in minutes or call for live help--we answer the phone! We’re fully staffed and here to help. Most Real Estate Appraisers qualify for OREP’s self-rating application, which doesn’t require quoting. Choose your Limit/Premium and get back to work fast!

Support and Risk Management: OREP provides unrivaled professional support, including 14 hours of FREE Risk Management Continuing Education (CE), free training webinars, free State Board Complaint Consulting, free Pre-Claims Assistance, guaranteed delivery of Working RE magazine, a Corporate Savings program with discounts on office supplies, cell phone bills, and much, much more! See 

Business Support tab for details.

Appraiser Advocacy and Leadership: OREP has published Working RE magazine for over 20 years, providing honest reporting, unique insight and potent advocacy for appraisers nationwide. WRE has walked with appraisers and helped them thrive through the many changes the profession has faced (and continues to face!). Along the way, WRE has changed the conversation through landmark surveys and feedback forums that give a strong, national voice to the independent, boots-on-the-ground real estate appraiser.

Find Surveys: 2017 Customary and Reasonable Fee Survey, the Appraiser Independence Survey, the 2011 Customary and Reasonable Fee Survey, the HVCC Survey, and much more!

Association Endorsements

OREP, a leading provider of appraiser E&O insurance nationwide, has been endorsed by the National Association of Appraisers (NAA) as the preferred provider of E&O insurance for NAA members.

OREP is the preferred provider of Appraiser E&O and General Liability insurance for the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (NAREA).

OREP is the preferred provider of Appraiser E&O and General Liability insurance for the National Association of Review Appraisers and Mortgage Underwriters (NARA/MU).

SPECIAL in 2022: OREP Insureds/Members Enjoy 14 hours of FREE CE ($238 Value: Approved Continuing Education for Appraisers in 46 states).

Business Support

Guaranteed Delivery of Working RE Magazine ($50 value)

OREP insureds receive a free subscription to Working RE Magazine, the largest circulation print magazine for appraisers in the country, including free access to over 250 premium content articles ($50 value).

“Working RE is one of the best sources of contemporary information available to appraisers. I look forward to receiving it and digest it from cover to cover. Most appraisers feel as I do, that your work does us a great service and is sincerely appreciated.” —Paul J. Carist, SRA


FREE and Discounted Appraiser CE

Appraisers insured through OREP enjoy 14 hours of FREE risk management Continuing Education ($238 value), as well as discounts on other coursework through the OREP Education Network, including McKissock. Save hundreds of dollars at the OREP Education Network on high-quality CE classes with the latest information and advice from industry experts. Save $20-$30 per CE course and more when you bundle. Don’t miss these great classes, including:


McKissock Discount

All OREP Members can now save 10% off McKissock Membership, including USPAP.  Flexible learning, world-class appraisal content, and professional development, all for a fraction of the cost. Email subscription@workingre.com for your discount code.

“I have been waiting 15 years for a class like this. Thanks again for a very informative class.” —Scott G.


Free State Board Complaint Consulting (Over $100 Value)

Insulating yourself against state board complaints has never been more vital to the success of your business. OREP Insureds enjoy a free half hour consultation with Bob Keith, MNAA, IFA, Former Director for the Oregon Appraisal Board, and 25% off any consulting services if needed. Head off trouble before it starts.

“I spoke at length this afternoon with Bob Keith. We discussed the complaint, the items in my workfile, and the appropriate response. I feel much more confident now. This is a tremendous benefit as an OREP insured. Thank you for your direction and guidance.” —James S.


Corporate Savings (Save Over $500 Every Year)

Lower Prices from your Favorite Suppliers. Click here for a recent cost comparison of typical office supplies and the savings you can enjoy through this free program. Save hundreds a year on office expenses with this free benefit  Click for details.

“YES! We are saving 19% on our Verizon bill and I order all of our office supplies through the discounted Staples portal—they provide overnight, FREE shipping, even on Sunday orders! Lastly, we are considering the Six Flags discount. So, yes, yes, and yes. We are taking advantage and truly enjoying your program. Great job!” —Cynthia T.


Free Appraiser Training Classes (Over $200 Value)

OREP offers a growing selection of valuable training courses for appraisers designed to help you improve your skills, limit your liability, and protect and grow your business. OREP insureds enjoy the following courses FREE:

“Thank you for the training webinars. I am learning so much that is helping me improve in my appraisal practice and increase the quality of my work, thus reducing my exposure to lawsuits. The education is a great complement to your insurance business. I will be back at renewal time!” —Bruce K.Save Changes


Free CE

SPECIAL IN 2022: Free 14 Hours of CE ($238 Value)

As part of the OREP RPG/Membership Program, OREP Members can now enjoy 14 hours of Approved Continuing Education, at no extra cost!  Click here for a list of Approved states.

How to Raise Quality and Minimize Risk – 7 HOURS CE
This course shows you what you can do to avoid claims, reduce liability, and enhance your understanding of the approved methodology, techniques and protocols for appraisals. Learn about real world claim scenarios and specific steps you can take to protect yourself.FHA Appraisal Standards – 7 HOURS CE
Keep up with the latest FHA 4000.1 standards with this course that shows what you should be looking out for on an FHA appraisal. Learn how to include explanations and photographs that will help your FHA appraisals fly through underwriting.

Enjoy these two valuable courses, earn 14 hours of Approved CE, and save $$$ when you become an OREP Member this year!



“I switched my E&O insurance to OREP last month and saved $349 bucks.” —Dave M.

“With all that you offer, it was a no-brainer to sign up.” —Jim Nishimura

“I am so pleased with your service and thoroughness. Thank you very much for being so responsible with our money and our E&O insurance. Although I have never had a claim, my confidence level in this process has increased. It is no surprise that several appraisers recommended your company to me.” —Lore D.

“I continue to renew with your company because of the exceptional service you provide. Every time I call my questions and needs get taken care of.” —Mariah M.

“Thank you for the webinars. I am learning so much that is helping me improve in my appraisal practice and increase the quality of my reports and workfile, thus reducing my exposure to lawsuits. The webinars and education are a great complement to your insurance business. I was an OREP customer in the past and because of the benefits I will be back at renewal time. I don’t know why I ever switched. Thanks for what you do.” —Bruce K.

“I had an FHA complaint and lost. It costs me 9 months of FHA work. If I had the knowledge I do after listening to your webinar, I would have been MUCH better prepared and probably would have won. Thanks for your help!” —Michael B.

“Thank you for your speedy responses, I have the best insurance agent in the world. I wish all of the places I do business with had employees like you. Would you call AT&T and train them on how to take care of customers? If they could just do half the job you do I would be more thank satisfied. THANK YOU MARIA!!!" —J. Roser

“In my 13 years as an appraiser, I have never had a more simple, straight forward and painless experience renewing my errors and omissions insurance. I am just blown away by the way your company does business. What a relief, what a time saver, what a money saver. Thank you.” —M.L. Heckaman

“The main reason I stick with OREP is because you folks know what you are doing. The fact that your service is so good and prompt is just another plus for your company.” —Joe de Garay, de Garay Valuation, LLC